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Smokestack Lightnin

Smokestack Lightnin’ 

  • Thursday 8:00 pm and following Saturday 8:00 am



Pablo and The Blues Show

  • Sunday 1:00pm and following Wednesday 7:00pm

Soul Of The Blues

Soul of the Blues Show

  • Sunday 12:00 Midday and following Saturday 5:00pm

IMP Blues Show




IMP Indie Blues

  • Saturday 1:00pm and following Monday 3:00am




Eight To The Bar – with Les Tarr

“Radio Active Blues Programming for the Tragically Hip & Twisted”

  • Tuesday 09:00am and again 09:00pm

Blues Brunch – with Nigel Day 

  • Monday 11:00 pm and 11:00 pm

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  1. Hi, great radio station, love your music. I listen to you from “the other side of the world”. I live in south Germany. 😃 keep on playing your music!
    Greetings from Germany and happy new year

  2. Great job with the station. Song selections are right on! Keep up the great work. Greetings from Ohio in the United States!

  3. Just found you yesterday, a very pleasant discovery. Brilliant music, minimum talk just what I like.
    Listening in the Yorkshire Dales in England. You have a new believer!

  4. hi ive been living in Gisborne for 6 months and found you guys whilst channel surfing on my car radio and i have to compliment you on a great job, great sounds and a great format ps. i tell everyone i meet about your station and im very suprised more locals dont know about you but by the time ive finished with them they do lol keep up the gpod work

    1. Hi Leonie

      Thanks for the compliment. The station has been going since 2011 on both FM (low power) and web so you can get it on all web devices including phones. You will be hearing a lot more about Spellbound shortly when we open a Record Store here in Gisborne. Watch out for The Spellbound Wax Company opening soon.

      Deane Craw

  5. I was in your radio-station/music-store yesterday Fri-20/07/2018. Very friendly atmosphere & great alternatives to the mainstream.

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